TherapyAppointment is proud to announce Teletherapy/Telehealth!

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Getting started with Teletherapy/Telehealth in TA 2.0 Video Tutorial



Please review the  Step-by-Step Guide process below to get started with Teletherapy/Telehealth in TA 2.0.


Step 1

Logged in as a Therapist, Turn On Teletherapy under the Roles section of My Profile.


Step 2

At the time of scheduling a client appointment, select “Telehealth Session”. For testing purposes, be sure to create the Telehealth appointment as close to your testing time as possible.


Step 3

15 minutes before the appointment time, both the therapist and the client will be prompted to Launch the Teletherapy Session from their Dashboard.

Client Dashboard view on mobile device


Therapist Dashboard view on computer


Please note: It is likely that either the Therapist or the Client will join the session first, before the other. If this does occur, the first person to join the session will enter a Telehealth Waiting Room. In the Waiting Room, you will see one of the following screens:

Therapist view of the Waiting Room


Client view of the Waiting Room

Teletherapy notification_4739 copy

Step 4 (mobile device only)

Mobile device users will be prompted to allow access to their Microphone and Camera.


Step 5

Begin the Telehealth Session. The session will open in a new tab.

Horizontal Telehealth Session view on Computer


Vertical Telehealth Session View on Mobile Device


Step 6

Close the Telehealth Session tab to end the session.

Please don't forget to report any issues (vertical tab on the far right corner) or you can reply directly to this email with any troubleshooting questions or concerns you may have.


Teletherapy Troubleshooting Guide

Teletherapy Quick Start - Client Instructions

To start a video session from your PC via email – Click the top link. You may be asked permission to use your camera and mic – click allow and you will be joined to the video session.

If you are on your mobile device (phone or tablet)  and are accessing the session via email, click on the second link and you will be joined to the session. NOTE: If you only see yourself, scroll up and you will see your provider.


If you are using your cell phone and get a text message Click on the link -click “open” and you will be joined to the video session.

Simple Troubleshooting

Black rectangle appears where provider picture should be. One of three issues.

  1. If you have an iPhone 5 or below you may not be able to have IOS 11+ - some iPhone 5’s only allows updating to IOS 10.
  2. You are using Google Chrome on an iOS device (iPad or  iPhone). You will need to use the Safari browser if you are on an iOS device for teletherapy to work.
  3. Low bandwidth – you can do a simple speed test by going to your browser on their mobile phone, tablet or computer and typing in Teletherapy typically works with 3Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload.
    Remedy / test. Try connecting to a WIFI network and test. If connected to a WiFi network, try disconnecting and using mobile data service (LTE/4G – Verizon, ATT, Etc.). In many cases, mobile services have better speed than some WiFi networks.

You are clicking on text/email and can see yourselves; you see yourself and there is white box showing where your provider should be showing up. BE SURE YOU ARE CLICKING ON THE CORRECT (most recent) EMAIL OR TEXT. These “keys” only match to the lock one-time. To avoid this, please delete emails and text strings when the session is over. That way, the links are always the latest.



I (Client) can only see myself on their phone, but I see myself and them.



How to switch camera from Front to Back, simply click on Back Camera. The transition will take a few seconds. Click Front Camera to switch back.

Rare Troubleshooting

Specific ports that need to be open on the network: UDP and TCP Ports: 3475, 3476, 3477, 3478 & 3479 need to be enabled.


New! Out-of-State Telehealth Registration application for Florida State is now available

Out-of-State Telehealth Registration application is now available at Florida Telehealth Under “documents” section of their website. Completed applications can be sent to

Attn: Telehealth
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-11
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1708